Importance of opting-in to student union levies

Importance of opting-in to student union levies
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What do we stand to lose under the student choice initiative?

  • Vital services that benefit all those who work and study on campus, particularly marginalized communities.

  • Student unions’ and labour unions’ ability to represent and advocate for their members.

  • Many full-time paid opportunities at a living wage for workers.

  • Avenues for students and workers to hold campus administration and government accountable.

  • A strong and united movement between students and workers.

Want to know more about the impacts of the student choice initiative?

  • The “Student Choice” Initiative passed in January 2019, rendering previously mandatory student fees that fund student unions, food banks, campus media and services that offer supports for marginalized groups (eg: student centres supporting racialized, Indigenous, LGBTQ2SI+, and international students) to be paid on an optional and voluntary basis.

  • This harmful policy prevents levy groups from making budgets as their revenue is now unknown. Since this policy was announced, a great deal of workers have been laid off from their positions at campus organiza- tions. A choice to opt-in supports workers by providing living wage jobs and opportunities to gain experience in social justice and advocacy work.

  • Student unions are similar to labour unions. By making student union fees voluntary, union dues may be next.

We cannot afford to lose the universal benefits afforded to us through collective action.

  • This policy is not an attempt to save students money nor give them choice, this is an ideological attack on unions, organizations and democratic structures that seek to hold institutions and governments accountable.

Take action

Put pressure on the Ford Conservatives and their supporters by opting in to support students and workers who are doing important work to improve the state of post-secondary education and the lives of those who are studying and working on campuses in Ontario.

Let university and college administrators, your local MPs and MPPs and the Minister of Colleges, Training and Universities Ross Romano that you do NOT support the Student Choice Initiative.

Get in touch with Ross Romano:

By phone: 416-327-0653
By e-mail: [email protected]
By mail: 14 th Flr, 315 Front St W, Toronto, ON M7A 0B8